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This is where you can find all our kava products on one page. Buy traditional kava powders, kava extracts, kava shots, instant kava, micronized kava, gummies, and even kava plants. WHOLESALE KAVA Kava Bars Let us help you find the best varieties and products for your kava bar. Whether you are ... more info
Fiji Kava

This high-quality Kava from Fiji is the best we could find. It has a noble profile and takes five years to grow before being carefully harvested, cleaned, and traditionally sun-dried. Fiji Kava is available in a powder made strictly from 100% lateral roots, also known as waka roots in Fiji. Basal ... more info
Instant Kava

SAVE TIME Instant kava saves time and effort. Sometimes you don't have the time to prepare kava the traditional way, and instant kava is there to save the day. LESS EFFORT No need for straining and pounding traditional kava. All the work has been done for you. INSTANT KAVA TEA Instant kava is ... more info
Kava Extract

We offer two different types of Kava extracts: Powder Paste. 30% CO2 KAVA EXTRACT POWDER We have the 30% CO2 Kava powder, which has at least 300mg of kavalactones per gram. Pros Made with CO2 0 Solvent Residue Dry powder Easy to work with Easier to weigh out Ready for encapsulation Used for ... more info
Kava Gummies

BETTER THAN EVER Our gummies are back and better than ever. HEAT STABLE This new recipe is more heat stable. FLAVORS We offer our gummies in a citrus lemon-lime flavor. Who knew that kava could taste so good? EACH BOTTLE CONTAINS One bottle contains 24 gummies One gummy has 125mg of kavalactones 2 ... more info
Kava Plants

You can now grow a kava plant in your home, kava bar, garden or nursery. KAVA PLANTS Latin Name: Piper Methysticum Variety ISA Growing Difficulty: Easy Level of Kavalactones: High Ceremonial: No Medicinal: Yes IMPORTANT GROWING INFORMATION: When you receive your live cutting, you will want to ... more info
Kava Shots

Finally, kava shots that taste good and work. The strongest kava shot on the market with 526mg of kavalactones per bottle. The most convenient way to enjoy the effects of kava without any work. This is a 2oz bottle. Tropical flavor. Feeling & Living Relaxed - Kava Blend 100% Natural 2 Servings ... more info
Kratom Crushed Leaf

Crushed leaf has its advantages, and not only do we offer the highest quality, but we also have a variety of strains to choose from. Whether you are making extracts or infusions where leaf powder residue is not wanted, the crushed leaf is ideal and convenient. ORDERING You can mix and match kratom ... more info
Kratom Extracts

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT These Kratom extracts are used for research and development. We ship these worldwide where we can. Create standardized products. Research with care. 3 DRY EXTRACT POWDERS We have many options available in powder: the 25% Pure Alkaloid Kratom Extract the 45% Pure ... more info
Kratom Plants | Bumblebee Strain

We have Kratom plants available for you to grow at home or to resell. We offer clones of the Rifat and Bumblebee plants. About Kratom Plants Latin Name: Mitragyna Speciosa Variety Bumblebee Growing Difficulty: Medium Level of Mitragynine: High Important Growing Information: When you receive ... more info
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