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Kratom Plants | Rifat Strain

We have Kratom plants available for you to grow at home or to resell. We offer clones of the Rifat and Bumblebee plants. About Kratom Plants Latin Name: Mitragyna Speciosa Variety Rifat Growing Difficulty: Medium Important Growing Information: When you receive your live cutting, you will want ... more info
Kratom Powder

We have over 65 Strains of Kratom. You can mix and match as you wish. The minimum quantity is 500g for any strain. Choose your quantity and then choose your strain. If you have special requests for splitting your order, please go ahead and describe them in the section below. Green Kratom Strains | ... more info
Micronized Kava Powder

FRESHEST KAVA Our micronized kava powder is the freshest available because we micronize it once you finish placing your order. We can micronize any of our kava root powders. CUSTOM BLENDS Do you need to brand your kava and want a unique blend that no other supplier offers? We can make custom ... more info
Solomon Islands Kava

Our kava from the Solomon Islands is noble and of the highest quality. These roots have grown for a minimum of 7 years, a long time to wait before harvesting a plant. Each batch is lab-tested and consistently is higher in kavalactone than Fiji and Vanuatu, and Tonga. We are not sure if it is ... more info
Tonga Kava

This special Kava comes from the kingdom of Tonga. Reserve this one for special occasions. We have a limited supply of this and reserve it for special occasions. We offer the 70% basal root blend and 30% lateral, for a naturally balanced kava perfect at any time. Basal & Lateral Root Kava ... more info
Vanuatu Kava

All of our kava is noble and top quality, but with that being said, Vanuatu has some of the best kava in the world. They have strict export requirements and highly knowledgeable growers all around the island. Not sure which kava to start with? 50%-50 % and 30%-50% from Vanuatu are 2 of our best ... more info
Water Soluble Kava

WATER SOLUBLE KAVA LIQUID This water-soluble kava liquid is ideal for saving time when creating your liquid kava recipes. This is the liquid version of instant kava powder. It is sold by the gallon and comes with a 1oz dispensing pump. It is available in four popular flavors. A very simple and ... more info
Zen Day Kava

Are you looking for a Kava product that you can appreciate in the daytime?  KAVA POWDER HIGH IN KAVAIN Kava can be associated with relaxation, feeling zen, and a peaceful and joyful experience. Kavain is one of the kavalactones that you will find a higher concentration in the Basal root. The ... more info
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