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Green Powder | Wise Samurai

Red Powder | Relaxed Samurai

White Powder | Swift Samurai

Yellow Powder | Mellow Samurai

Gold Powder | Royal Samurai

Super Powder | Powerful Samurai

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We have over 65 Strains of Kratom. You can mix and match as you wish. The minimum quantity is 500g for any strain. Choose your quantity and then choose your strain. If you have special requests for splitting your order, please go ahead and describe them in the section below.

Green Kratom Strains | Wise Samurai

Green Maeng Da, Green Borneo, Green Malay, Green Bali, Green Thai, Green Horn Leaf, Green Indo, Green Sumatra, Green Kali, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Vietnam, Green Bentuangie, Green Riau, Green Sundanese, Green Elephant, Green Jong Kong

Red Kratom Strains | Relaxed Samurai

Red Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Malay, Red Bali, Red Thai, Red Horn Leaf, Red Indo, Red Sumatra, Red Kali, Red Hulu Kapuas, Red Vietnam, Red Bentuangie, Red Riau, Red Sundanese, Red Sulawesi, Red Elephant, Red Dragon, Red Green Jong Kong

White Kratom Strains | Swift Samurai

White Maeng Da, White Borneo, White Malay, White Bali, White Thai, White Horn Leaf, White Indo, White Sumatra, White Kali, White Hulu Kapuas, White Vietnam, White Bentuangie, White Riau, White Sundanese, White Sulawesi, White Elephant, White Dragon, White Green Jong Kong

Yellow Kratom Strains | Mellow Samurai

Yellow Maeng Da, Yellow Malay, Yellow Bali, Yellow Indo, Yellow Sumatra, Yellow Vietnam, Yellow Sulawesi, Yellow Elephant, Yellow Green Jong Kong

Gold Kratom Strains | Royal Samurai

Gold Maeng Da, Gold Bali

Super Kratom Strains | Powerful Samurai

Super Green Maeng Da, Super White Maeng Da, Super Red Maeng Da

Kratom Crushed Leaf Strains | Chopped Samurai

Crushed Green Maeng Da, Crushed Green Borneo, Crushed Green Bali, Crushed White Maeng Da, Crushed White Borneo, Crushed White Bali, Crushed Red Maeng Da, Crushed Red Borneo, Crushed Red Bali

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